Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic

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August 1998



This book presents a systematic treatment of deductive aspects and structures of fuzzy logic understood as many valued logic sui generis. It aims to show that fuzzy logic as a logic of imprecise (vague) propositions does have well-developed formal foundations and that most things usually named 'fuzzy inference' can be naturally understood as logical deduction. It is for mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, specialists in artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering, and developers of fuzzy logic.


1. Preliminaries.
2. Many-Valued Propositional Calculi.
3. Lukasiewicz Propositional Logic.
4. Product Logic, Gödel Logic.
5. Many-Valued Predicate Logics.
6. Complexity and Undecidability.
7. On Approximate Inference.
8. Generalized Quantifiers and Modalities.
9. Miscellanea.
10. Historical Remarks. References. Index.


"...Moreover, it can be an excellent guideline for a postgraduate course in fuzzy logic because of its clear and well-organized content. Definitively, an excellent book that we enthusiastically recommend, and that fuzzy and mathematical logic (and probably philosophical logic as well) communities have been waiting for, for a long time."
(F. Esteva, L. Godo, International Journal of General Systems, 29:5 (2000)
"On whole this book occupies a unique place in the literature on fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic and fills a substantial gap. This is the only existing monograph offering a comprehensive study of triangular norms and their interconnections. Overall the book is very well written and should become the standard reference for triangular norms."
(Mathematical Reviews, 2002a)
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