Automorphic Forms

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This edited volume presents a collection of carefully refereed articles covering the latest advances in Automorphic Forms and Number Theory, that were primarily developed from presentations given at the 2012 "International Conference on Automorphic Forms and Number Theory," held in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The present volume includes original research as well as some surveys and outlines of research altogether providing a contemporary snapshot on the latest activities in the field and covering the topics of:Borcherds products
Congruences and Codes
Jacobi forms
Siegel and Hermitian modular forms
Special values of L-series

Recently, the Sultanate of Oman became a member of the International Mathematical Society. In view of this development, the conference provided the platform for scientific exchange and collaboration between scientists of different countries from all over the world. In particular, an opportunity was established for a close exchange between scientists and students of Germany, Oman, and Japan. The conference was hosted by the Sultan Qaboos University and the German University of Technology in Oman.


On formal series of Jacobi forms and Borcherds products.
Finite or Infinite Number of Solutions of Polynomial Congruences in two Positive Integer Variables.
On the genus version of the basis problem II: The case of oldforms.
Restrictions of Jacobi Forms of Several Variables with special emphasis on Quaternionic Jacobi Forms.
Additive and multiplicative lifting properties of the Igusa modular form.
On the special values of certain L-series related to half-integral weight modular forms.
On explicit dimension formulas for spaces of Siegel cusp forms of degree two and their applications.
Borcherds lift on the paramodular group of level 3.
On the proportion of quadratic twists for non-vanishing and vanishing central values of L-functions attached to primitive forms.
On the Existence of Hermitian Self-Dual Extended Abelian Group Codes.
On p-adic properties of Siegel modular forms.
Bessel periods of theta lifts to GSp(1,1) and central values of some L-functions of convolution type.
Intersections of two walls of the Gottschling fundamental domain of the Siegel modular group of genus two.
Non-vanishing of L-functions associated to cusp forms of half-integral weight.
The Restriction of Octonionic Theta Constants to the Quaternionic Half-space.
Hermitian modular forms of degree 2 over the Eisenstein integers.


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