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September 2014



Photographer Katrin Korfmann¿s work, represented worldwide, captures people¿s movements with a bird¿s-eye view; the grid of everyday life binding its dynamics. Rather than showing a sum of independent persons moving, Korfmann¿s new work records people merging into one being. In various places on earth collective rituals are photographed: events sustained by individual euphoria in which colour ¿ or colourful garment ¿ dissolves individuality. The highly aesthetic project reports between social realism and euphoric utopianism.

The original large-scale photo-prints are processed via horizontal continuations throughout the book, extending across multiple Japanese folded pages to enable close examination of details and still represent the full scale. Each work is anthropologically and phenomenologically introduced as a contemporary event. Critic Gregory Volk and Onomatopee director Freek Lomme wrote texts that discuss the production, reception and context of the work.

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