SMT Soldering Handbook

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Dr Rudolf Strauss has spent most of his working life with a leading manufacturer of solders and fluxes. He was responsible for a number of innovations including the concept of wave soldering, and for many years has been active as lecturer, consultant, and technical author.
His book explains the principles of soldering and surface mount technology in practical terms and plain language, free from jargon. It is addressed to the man, or woman, who has to do the job, but it will also be of help in planning manufacturing strategy and in making purchasing decisions relating to consumables and equipment.
Written by founding father of SMT technology
Standard specifications have been fully updated
New chapter covering Ball Grid Array (BGA) technology


Why SMDs?; The SMD family; Soldering; Wave soldering; Reflow soldering; The circuit board; Component placement; Cleaning; Quality control and inspection; Rework; Index


'This handbook gives an excellent overview of soldering in general and wavesoldering and reflowsoldering in particular. It presents the information in a readable text that any educated person could understand. This is a must book for all engineering libraries and recommended book for most public libraries' E-Streams, Vol. 3, No 4 'This is a book well worth having on one's shelf in these days of rapid changes and economic stringency.' Wallace Rubin 'I would very strongly recommend it on the bookshelf of every production engineer or manager involved with soldering surface mount devices. It is very good value for money and very informative.' Brian Ellis, Soldering and Surface Mount Technology ' Help in planning manufacturing strategy and in making purchasing desisions relating to consumables and equipment.' ELEKTOR ELECTRONICS
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