Integration of Theory and Applications in Applied Mechanics

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Oktober 1990



The Department of Applied Mechanics of the Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs) organised on April 2-4, 1990 the first National Applied Mechanics Congress about the theme: "Integration of Theory and Applications in Applied Mechanics" The idea behind this initiative was to bring together the Applied Mechanics communities in The Netherlands and Belgium and to create an environment in which new developments in the field could be discussed and in which connections to other disciplines could be established. Among an extensive list of possible subjects the following were selected as congress topics: - non-linear material behaviour, - chaos, - mechatronics, - liquid-solid interactions, - mathematics and applied mechanics, - integration of Applied Mechanics and other disciplines. Applied Mechanics comprises both solid mechanics and fluid mechanics. These can be subdivided further into: rheology, plasticity, theory of plates and shells, theory of elasticity, multibody dynamics, dynamics of continuous media, stability of the elastic equilibrium, etc. Applied Mechanics is of tremendous practical significance and it proves its value almost daily in applications such as the calculation of the strength and stiffness of constructions, like e. g.


Non-linear material behaviour:.- Keynote papers:.- The non-linear behaviour of shape memory alloys.- A damage mechanics for composites materials.- A generalized thermodynamic approach to microrheological modeling.- Finite element modeling of transport in porous media.- Papers:.- The application of continuum damage mechanics to fatigue failure mechanisms.- A mixture approach to the mechanics of the human intervertebral disc.- Calculation of flow induced residual stresses in injection moulded products.- Applied mechanics and waste disposal.- Deformations of viscoelastic layered rubber coated on two stationary rolling cylinders.- Chaos.- Keynote paper:.- Chaos and local buckling of elastic structures.- Paper:.- The treatment of a non-linear mechanical problem with application to railway dynamics.- Mechatronics.- Papers:.- Localization of the causes of the differences between measured and calculated modal parameters.- Efficient simulation of a flexible space manipulator arm.- Design of controllers for active suspension systems.- Fluid-solid interactions.- Keynote paper:.- Elastohydrodynamics and bearings.- Mathematics and applied mechanics.- Keynote paper:.- The ISNaS incompressible Navier-Stokes solver: design considerations and implications.- Papers:.- Stable and unstable periodic solutions of reduced dynamic systems with local nonlinearities.- Optimization of structures using an integrated finite element approach.- A mixed geometrically nonlinear shell element.- An Eulerian approach to the finite element modelling of neo-Hookean rubber material.- An element-by-element solution algorithm for nonsymmetric linear systems of equations.- Experimental and numerical shock loading of a submerged ring stiffened cylinder.- Entropy errors in the numerical approximation of Euler flow along a kinked wall.- Decay of coherent structures in damped Hamiltonian systems.
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