Discover True North: A Program to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential

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A POWERFUL FORMULA FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING--STARTING NOW Created by leading motivational speaker and corporate trainer Anne Bruce, this highly effective plan helps you discover your own "true north." This personal direction, or "Inner Guidance System," isn't dictated by what people think you should be or do, or even by what you were brought up to think your life was supposed to be about. Instead, "Discover True North" provides invaluable exercises and insights to help you find the true compasses that have always existed within you--and that point to what you truly want out of life. These exercises were developed from Bruce's work with thousands of workshop members and notable individuals and clients throughout the world--from Sprint and Ben & Jerry's to The American Red Cross, the London Institute of Management and the White House. This unique four-week formula helps unlock your personal potential immediately--today. As you find your true callings and navigate your way to a better life, you'll be learning how to: Activate and rely on your inner compass to define life direction Make the critical choices that move life forward Pinpoint your emotional and intellectual strengths Focus on your self-development without abandoning others Also included are worksheets, real-world stories, inspirational quotations, and more. Once you have embarked on this life-altering program, you'll be just four weeks from making the most of yourself--and enriching the world around you.


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