Miss Bunting

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Januar 1995



The carefully observed separation of the old and the new social strata is upset when representatives of each come together in the sphere of Miss Bunting- the governess who has molded most of the country's upper class. Under Miss Bunting's tutelage, Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Fielding, renews an old school acquaintance with the daughter of Hogglestock's successful, albeit not genteel, iron master. "We must move with the times," says the unflappable governess when Lady Fielding questions the suitability of this association. With characteristics aplomb, Miss Bunting takes girls and situation both firmly in hand and sets all things to right.


Angela Thirkell, grand-daughter of pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones, was born in London in 1890. She began writing novels in 1930 to support herself and her sons. She produced a new book almost every year for the rest of her life. Her stylish prose and deft portrayal of human comedy in the imaginary county of Barsetshire have delighted readers for decades. She died in 1961 aged 70.
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