Elements of Grammar

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The aim of this Handbook is to provide a forum in which some of the generative syntacticians whose work has had an impact on theoretical syntax over the past 20 years are invited to present their views on one or more aspects of current syntactic theory. The following authors have contributed to the volume: Mark Baker, Michael Brody, Jane Grimshaw, James McCloskey, Jean-Yves Pollock, and Luigi Rizzi. Each contribution focuses on one specific aspect of the grammar. As a general theme, the papers are concerned with the question of the composition of the clause, i.e. what kind of components the clause is made up of, and how these components are put together in the clause. The introduction to the volume provides the backdrop for the papers and highlights some of the developments that have occurred in theoretical syntax in the last ten years. Elements of Grammar is destined for an audience of linguists working in the generative framework.


Introduction; L. Haegeman. Thematic Roles and Syntactic Structure; M. Baker. Perfect Chains; M. Brody. The Best Clitic: Constraint Conflict in Morphosyntax; J. Grimshaw. Subjecthood and the Subject Position; J. McCloskey. Notes on Clause Structure; J.-Y. Pollock. The Fine Structure of the Left Periphery; L. Rizzi. Index.
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