Satellite Communications

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Satellite Communications: Mobile and Fixed Services is based on the premise that designers of future satellite systems must take account of the strong competition that satellites face from optical fibers. In future years, satellites will continue to be commercially viable media for telecommunications only if systems designers take account of the unique features that satellites have to offer. Accordingly, Satellite Communications places more emphasis on satellite mobile services and broadcasting, and less emphasis on fixed, point-to-point, high-capacity services than traditional textbooks in the field. Also, an emphasis is given in the book to design issues. Numerous illustative system design examples and numerical problems are provided. The particular attention given to methods of design of satellite mobile communications systems should make it an indispensable resource for workers in this field. The book also contains some recent results of propagation modelling and system design studies which should be of particular value to researchers and designers of satellite systems for mobile communications services. Satellite Communications is suitable for use as a textbook for advanced courses on satellite communications, and is a valuable reference for all those working in the field.


Preface. 1. Intro to Satellite Communications. 2. Propagation. 3. Mobile Satellite System Design. 4. Traffic Capacity and Access Control. 5. Digital Model Design. 6. Speech Codec Systems. 7. Error Control Coding. 8. Signalling Systems. 9. Non-Geostationary Satellites. Index.
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