I, Houdini: {The Autobiography of a Self-Educated Hamster}

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November 2003



The bestselling author of the award-winning "The Indian in the Cupboard" presents a new story--the autobiography of a hamster who fancies himself a great escapologist.


Lynne Reid Banks is the author of the award-winning Indian in the Cupboard.


"A winning, funny animal story; the broad appeal of its subject combined with its demanding style makes it especially appropriate for reading out loud."--"Kirkus Reviews, " Starred"Houdini's adventures are amusing, and his vanity and puzzlement over the curious ways of humans endow him with a memorable and quirky personality."--"The Horn Book Magazine""The author . . . has slipped into the hide of the hamster and seems to understand these small creatures completely and creates a tantalizing journey. This is pure fun and full of slapstick exaggeration. . . . There are dramatic moments and cliffhangers, but since this hamster's name is Houdini, readers can count on a grand finale."--"Publishers Weekly"
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