The Sweet Pea Book

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An inspiring and comprehensive guide for anyone interested in growing these fragrant flowers. Covers history of the sweet pea, seed raising and cultivation, and dwarf varieties for small gardens and patios.


Graham Rice trained in horticulture at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England. A noted journalist, Graham has covered gardening for many major newspapers and magazines including The Observer and the Evening Standard in the UK and Horticulture and Garden Design in the U. S., and is the author of more than 20 books, including The Sweet Pea Book. He has the rare distinction of winning garden writing awards on both sides of the Atlantic including awards from the Garden Writers Association of America, and the Garden Media Guild of the UK, and has become a prolific blogger. Graham judges at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, is a member of a number of Royal Horticultural Society committees, and judges the RHS flower trials throughout the year. He divides his gardening time between Pennsylvania and England with his wife American garden writer/photographer judywhite.


Even if you've never given sweet peas a second thought, Rice's beautiful book is enough to make you think again. -- Jean Starr Munster (IN) Times 20030830 Gardeners wishing to grow copious amounts of healthy sweet peas for cutting or to enliven flower beds and borders should heed Rice's expert counsel. -- Alice Joyce Booklist 20031015 If you'er interested in these beautiful plants, Rice has produced the perfect practical book for you. -- Alsion Dingle Garden Center 20031018 Easy style and conversational prose make this an enjoyable read, and no gardener will be able to read this slim volume without wanting to order sweet pea seeds. -- Margaret Henderson E-Streams 20040321 For complete immersion in the allure of the sweet pea, check out The Sweet Pea Book. -- Kathy Renwald Toronto Star 20050120 [This] book is the most current and definitive book on sweet peas to date. -- Jeneen Wiche Shelbyville Sentinel-News 20050225 Check out The Sweet Pea Book ... which gives a detailed history, lots of pretty photos, and great growing tips. -- Jarrett Smith Minneapolis Star Tribune 20070522
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