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The book fulfills a definite need to provide a self-contained, one volume, graduate level algebra text that is readable by the average graduate student and flexible enough to accomodate a wide variety of instructors and course contents. The guiding philosophical principle throughout the text is that the material should be presented in the maximum usable generality consistent with good pedagogy. Therefore it is essentially self-contained, stresses clarity rather than brevity and contains an unusually large number of illustrative exercises. The book covers major areas of modern algebra, which is a necessity for most mathematics students in sufficient breadth and depth.


Introduction. Prerequisites and Preliminaries; 1. Groups; 2. The Structure of Groups; 3. Rings; 4. Modules; 5. Fields and Galois Theory; 6. The Structure of Fields; 7. Linear Algebra; 8. Commutative Rings and Modules; 9. The Structure of Rings; 10. Categories; List of Symbols; Bibliography; Index




From the book reviews: "This is a text for a first-year graduate course in abstract algebra. It covers all the standard topics and has more than enough material for a year course." (Allen Stenger, MAA Reviews, September, 2014) Thomas W. Hungerford Algebra "An excellent text from which to teach the beginning graduate survey course in algebra and I would recommend it to anyone considering a text for such a course."- LINEAR AND MULTILINEAR ALGEBRA
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