The Cold War in Welfare: Stock Markets Versus Pensions

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Mai 2001



Situating the debate in a global context, this book examines the future of social security and looks at the role of the financial markets versus the state in the provision of pensions and in the financing of the economy generally.


Richard Minns is a researcher on pension funds and an international economic development advisor. He is a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield University and the London School of Economics. His books include Pension Funds and British Capitalism.


"this is a very important - and timely - book which is directly relevant to the policies of the present government. The arguments for privatisation which Richard Minns describes, analyses and destroys are arguments for the progressive dismantling of the Welfare State and its replacement by market forces. He calls it a Cold War in welfare and so it is - being skilfully promoted by bankers and city merchants, supported in the media and now accepted by most political leaders - in the name of modernisation. If we are to defeat this dangerous campaign we shall need to be well informed about what is happening and why - and this book gives us all we need to know." - Tony Benn
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