Differential Diagnosis of Internal Diseases

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Differential Diagnosis of Internal Diseases, Third Edition covers the diagnosis of numerous internal diseases based on symptoms and signs. This edition is organized by symptoms and signs that may be individually different even in the same disease and must be analyzed and understood on a pathophysiological basis within the framework of the individual personality.
This book is composed of two main parts encompassing 20 chapters. Part I reviews the leading symptoms of headache, chest and abdominal pain, backache, pain in extremities, general feelings and consciousness disorders, vertigo, nausea, vomitus, cough, dyspnea, diarrhea, constipation, and hemorrhages. Part II examines the leading signs habitus, hyperthermia, fever, infectious disease, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, hematopoietic, and uropoietic systems diseases, and glycosuria.
This book will be of value to general physicians, clinicians, and pathophysiologists.


1;Front Cover;1 2;Differential Diagnosis of Internal Diseases: Clinical Analysis and Synthesis of Symptoms and Signs on Pathophysiologic Basis ;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;6 5;Preface to the Third Edition;12 6;Preface to the Second Edition;15 7;Preface to the First Edition;16 8;PART ONE: LEADING SYMPTOMS;22 8.1;Chapter 1. Headache;22 8.1.1;Acute Headache;22 8.1.2;Chronic Headache;25 8.1.3;"Nervous" and Psychoneurotic Headache;35 8.1.4;SUMMARY;39 8.1.5;REFERENCES;40 8.2;Chapter 2. Chest Pain;42 8.2.1;Intercostal Nerves;42 8.2.2;Posterior Roots;47 8.2.3;Afferent Nerves Traveling with the Sympathetic;49 8.2.4;Afferent Vagus Fibers;68 8.2.5;SUMMARY;70 8.2.6;REFERENCES;70 8.3;Chapter 3 Abdominal Pain;73 8.3.1;Mechanisms of Abdominal Pain;73 8.3.2;Colicky Pain;76 8.3.3;Continuous Pain;90 8.3.4;Segmental Abdominal Pain of Extra-Abdominal Origin;134 8.3.5;SUMMARY;135 8.3.6;REFERENCES;136 8.4;Chapter 4. Backache;141 8.4.1;Retroperitoneal Abdominal Diseases;141 8.4.2;Vertebral Column;145 8.4.3;Soft Tissues;157 8.4.4;SUMMARY;163 8.4.5;REFERENCES;163 8.5;Chapter 5. Pain in the Extremities, Dysesthesia, Polyalgia;165 8.5.1;Bones;165 8.5.2;Joints;168 8.5.3;Periarticular Structures;192 8.5.4;Muscles;196 8.5.5;Nerves;200 8.5.6;Blood and Lymph Vessels;220 8.5.7;Skin;227 8.5.8;Polyalgia;229 8.5.9;SUMMARY;235 8.5.10;REFERENCES;236 8.6;Chapter 6. Disorders of General Feelings;244 8.6.1;Malaise;244 8.6.2;Fatigue and Weakness;246 8.6.3;Feeling of Being Cold or Being Warm;258 8.6.4;Appetite and Hunger;259 8.6.5;Thirst;264 8.6.6;Libido;269 8.6.7;SUMMARY;271 8.6.8;REFERENCES;272 8.7;Chapter 7. Disorders of Consciousness;276 8.7.1;Sleep;276 8.7.2;Syncope (Fainting);282 8.7.3;Coma;286 8.7.4;Stupor;299 8.7.5;SUMMARY;303 8.7.6;REFERENCES;304 8.8;Chapter 8 Vertigo, Nausea and Vomitus;307 8.8.1;Vertigo;307 8.8.2;Nausea and Vomitus;314 8.8.3;SUMMARY;322 8.8.4;REFERENCES;322 8.9;Chapter 9. Paralysis, Incoordination and Involuntary Movements;324 8.9.1;Paralysis;324 8.9.2;Incoordination;
382 8.9.3;Involuntary Movements;388 8.9.4;SUMMARY;403 8.9.5;REFERENCES;403 8.10;Chapter 10. Cough and Dyspnea;413 8.10.1;Cough;413 8.10.2;Dyspnea;416 8.10.3;SUMMARY;428 8.10.4;REFERENCES;428 8.11;Chapter 11. Diarrhea and Constipation;430 8.11.1;Diarrhea;430 8.11.2;Constipation;446 8.11.3;SUMMARY;449 8.11.4;REFERENCES;450 8.12;Chapter 12. Hemorrhages;453 8.12.1;Epistaxis;453 8.12.2;Hemoptysis;454 8.12.3;Hematemesis;461 8.12.4;Hemorrhage per Anum;465 8.12.5;Hematuria and Hemoglobinuria;469 8.12.6;Menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia;476 8.12.7;Hemorrhages into the Skin;478 8.12.8;Occult Internal Hemorrhages;479 8.12.9;SUMMARY;481 8.12.10;REFERENCES;482 9;PART TWO: LEADING SIGNS;486 9.1;Chapter 13. The General Appearance (Habitus);486 9.1.1;Stature;486 9.1.2;Polygenopathies^ Status Degenerativus;490 9.1.3;Obesity and Leanness;498 9.1.4;Endocrine and Pseudoendocrine Features;513 9.1.5;General Appearance Indicating Various Other Diseases;537 9.1.6;Jaundice;544 9.1.7;Cyanosis;549 9.1.8;Edema;554 9.1.9;SUMMARY;560 9.1.10;REFERENCES;561 9.2;Chapter 14. Hyperthermia, Fever and Infectious Diseases;572 9.2.1;Aseptic Fever;573 9.2.2;Infectious Fever;575 9.2.3;Synopsis of Common Infections;578 9.2.4;Diseases Due to Hyper sensitization;624 9.2.5;Habitual Hyperthermia;633 9.2.6;SUMMARY;638 9.2.7;REFERENCES;639 9.3;Chapter 15. Respiratory System;647 9.3.1;Upper Respiratory Tract;647 9.3.2;Evaluation of Methods of Examination of the Chest;649 9.3.3;Diseases of the Bronchopulmonary System;659 9.3.4;Pleural Effusion;690 9.3.5;SUMMARY;692 9.3.6;REFERENCES;693 9.4;Chapter 16. Cardiovascular System;698 9.4.1;Inspection;698 9.4.2;Percussion;700 9.4.3;Auscultation;701 9.4.4;Palpation;712 9.4.5;Roentgenologic Examination;741 9.4.6;Electrocardiography;759 9.4.7;SUMMARY;784 9.4.8;REFERENCES;785 9.5;Chapter 17. Digestive System;798 9.5.1;Oral Cavity;798 9.5.2;Esophagus;800 9.5.3;Stomach and Duodenum;805 9.5.4;Small Intestines and Colon;815 9.5.5;Liver and Biliary Tract;823 9.5.6;Liver Function Tests;8
28 9.5.7;Liver Diseases;836 9.5.8;Pancreas;850 9.5.9;Splenomegaly and Miscellaneous Abdominal "Masses";853 9.5.10;SUMMARY;859 9.5.11;REFERENCES;860 9.6;Chapter 18. Hemopoietic System;869 9.6.1;The Erythrocytes;869 9.6.2;The Leukocytes;901 9.6.3;The Thrombocytes. Hemorrhagic Diathesis;919 9.6.4;SUMMARY;939 9.6.5;REFERENCES;940 9.7;Chapter 19. Uropoietic System;955 9.7.1;Disorders of Renal Function and Metabolic Consequences;955 9.7.2;Diagnostic Procedures;967 9.7.3;Diseaises with Predominant Glomerular Lesions;977 9.7.4;Diseases with Predominant Tubular Lesions;986 9.7.5;Diseases of the Interstitial Tissue;989 9.7.6;Diseases due to Extrarenal Obstruction of the Urinary Tract;997 9.7.7;Malformations;999 9.7.8;Tumors;1001 9.7.9;SUMMARY;1002 9.7.10;REFERENCES;1003 9.8;Chapter 20 Glycosuria;1010 9.8.1;Non-diabetic Glycosuria;1011 9.8.2;Symptomatic Diabetes;1014 9.8.3;Constitutional Diabetes;1018 9.8.4;SUMMARY;1028 9.8.5;REFERENCES;1029 10;Index;1034


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