Confinement, Topology, and Other Non-Perturbative Aspects of QCD

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September 2002



The problem of quark confinement is one of the classic unsolved problems of particle physics and is fundamental to our understanding of the physics of the strong interaction and the behaviour of non-Abelian gauge theories in general. The confinement problem is also are area in which concepts from topology and techniques of computational physics both find important applications. This volume contains a snapshot of current research in this field as of January 2002. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of topological field configurations such as centre vortices and monopoles in proposed confinement mechanisms. Other topics covered include colour superconductivity, instantons and chiral symmetry breaking, matrix models and the construction of chiral gauge theories. Readership: Research scientists and graduate students of high energy physics and nuclear physics.


Preface. Chiral zero-mode for abelian BPS dipoles; P. van Baal. Dual superconductivity, effective string theory, and Regge trajectories; M. Baker, R. Steinke. Confinement-deconfinement order parameters; V.A. Belavin, et al. Analytical study of low temperature phase of 3D LGT in the plaqette formulation; O. Borisenko, et al. Monopoles from instantons; F. Bruckmann. Color superconductivity in two- and three-flavor systems at moderate densities; M. Buballa, M. Oertel. Lattice monopoles in hot SU(2) gluodynamics as blocked continuum defects; M.N. Chernodub, et al. Color confinement and dual superconductivity: An update; A. Di Giacomo. An effective theory for the SU(2) mass gap? L. Dittmann, et al. Matrix models on the fuzzy sphere; B.P. Dolan, et al. Dynamical mass generation in quantum field theory: Some methods with application to the Gross-Neveu model and Yang-Mills theory; D. Dudal, et al. Center vortex model for nonperturbative strong interaction physics; M. Engelhardt. Status of center dominance in various center gauges; M. Faber, et al. Solitons and spontaneous symmetry breaking in 2 and 4 dimensions; M. Faber, et al. SO(3) versus SU(2) lattice gauge theory; Ph. de Forcrand, O. Jahn. SU(2) Abelian projected action for renormalisation group flows; F. Freire. Center vortices, magnetic condensate and confinement in a simple gauge system; F. Gliozzi, et al. Lattice chiral gauge theories through gauge fixing; M. Golterman, Y. Shamir. Spectra of lattice Dirac operators in non-trivial topology backgrounds; A. González-Arroyo. The gluon chain model revisited; J. Greensite. Connections between thin, thick and projection vortices in SU(2) lattice gauge theory; R.W. Haymaker, A.Alexandru. Charges, monopoles and gauge invariance; R. Horan, et al. Low-lying Dirac eigenmodes, topological charge fluctuations and the Instanton Liquid Model; I. Horváth, et al. Anisotropic QCD superfluids; J. Hošek. Towards the topological susceptibility with overlap fermions; T.G. Kovács. Vortex waistlines; T.G. Kovács, E.T. Tomboulis. Vortex induced confinement and the Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion; K. Langfeld. Monopoles and Lyapunov exponents in U(1) lattice gauge theory; H. Markum, et al. Massive light front QED(1+1) in the Weyl gauge; L'. Martinovič. Topology of center vortices; H. Reinhardt. Electric flux sectors and confinement; L. von Smekal, Ph. de Forcrand. Confinement in SU(3): Simple and generalized maximal abelian gauge; J.D. Stack, et al. Supersymmetric Yang-Mills quantum mechanics; J. Wosiek. Scalar-particle projection of gluodynamics: Fine Tuning; V.I. Zakharov. List of Participants.


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