Computational Intelligence in Medical Informatics

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Medical Informatics (MI) is an emerging interdisciplinary science that deals with clinical health-related information, its structure, acquisition and use. MI is grounded in the principles of computer science, computational intelligence, as well as the clinical and basic sciences. This book deals with the application of computational intelligence in medical informatics. Addressing the various issues of medical informatics using different computational intelligence approaches is the novelty of this edited volume. This volume comprises of 15 chapters including an introductory chapter giving the fundamental definitions and some important research challenges. Chapters were selected on the basis of fundamental ideas/concepts rather than the thoroughness of techniques deployed.


Review of Computational Intelligence for Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interactions in Disease Mapping.- Intelligent Approaches to Mining the Primary Research Literature: Techniques, Systems, and Examples.- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set: Application to Medical Image Segmentation.- Decomposable Aggregability in Population Genetics and Evolutionary Computations: Algorithms and Computational Complexity.- Evolutionary Learning of Neural Structures for Visuo-Motor Control.- Dimension reduction for performing discriminant analysis for microarrays.- Auxiliary tool for the identification of genetic coding sequences in eukaryotic organisms.- Language engineering and information theoretic methods in protein sequence similarity studies.- Gene Expression Imputation Techniques for Robust Post Genomic Knowledge Discovery.- Computational Modelling Strategies for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction.- Integration of Brain-Gene Ontology and Simulation Systems for Learning, Modelling and Discovery.- Efficiency and Scalability Issues in Metric Access Methods.- Computational Modelling of the Biomechanics of Epithelial and Mesenchymal Cell Interactions During Morphological Development.- Artificial Chemistry and Molecular Darwinian Evolution of DNA/RNA-Like Systems I - Typogenetics and Chemostat.- Artificial Chemistry and Molecular Darwinian Evolution of DNA/RNA-Like Systems II - Programmable folding.
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