Memorial (Yizkor) Book of the Community of Sierpc, Poland - Translation of Kehilat Sierpc; Sefer Zikaron

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November 2014



There once was a Jewish community in the ancient Polish town of Sierpc. As hundreds of other Jewish communities in Poland, Jewish Sierpc is no more. On the eighth day of the Second World War, September 8, 1939, the Germans occupied Sierpc, burnt the synagogue, and remained until they were expelled by the Red Army in January, 1945.
Before the start of the Second World War and the Holocaust, Sierpc had a population of 10,051, more than 30% of which was Jewish. Sierpc was nestled in the valley and surrounded by mountains. Three rivers flowed within the boundaries of Sierpc; the river that was the namesake of the district, the Sierpianitza River, bisected the two parts of the town. The town was linked by four bridges; the bridge with the greatest traffic was on the Jewish Street. The surrounding countryside was known for its fertile fields and many orchards, as well as for its weaver establishments, breweries, tanneries, and vinegar factories.
In this Sierpc Memorial Book, the Jewish community is vividly brought to life by the first-hand social, historical and political accounts by its former residents and by the numerous photographs. The exemplary writing makes this book unique and a must for all descendants of its residents and researchers of the history of the Sierpc Jewish Community.

Alternate names for the town are: Sierpc [Polish], Sheps [Yiddish], Sherpts [Yiddish], Serptz [Russian], Scherps, Serepets, Serpec, Shepsk, Sherptz

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