Be Imperfect, Live Longer

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April 2015



We've all been told that we should strive for perfection, but why? Nobody is perfect, so all that's likely to accomplish is to make us miserable and unhealthy. What's worse, it can even shorten our lives. In this book, the author suggests a cure for the disease of perfectionism. The doctor's prescription: don't be so hard on yourself.


Dr. Howard Murad, MD is a renowned physician and expert on slowing the aging process. Dr. Murad's objective is to help people live healthier, happier, and more successful lives by reawakening the vigor and creativity of their youth. His methods focus on the overall well-being of people rather than the spot treatment of individual conditions or diseases. Dr. Murad has appeared on PBS and authored more than a dozen books including Conquering Cultural Stress and The Water Secret. He lives and practices medicine in Los Angeles, CA.
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