Chora: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture

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Juli 2004



Chora IV continues a tradition of excellence in open, interdisciplinary research into architecture. Contributors to this volume strive to uncover architectural alternatives to simplistic models based on concepts of aesthetics, technology, or sociology. Seventeen essays explore historical topics ranging from antiquity, with a study of the Roman Colosseum; through early Renaissance subjects, such as the treatises of Luca Pacioli on architecture; through to the modern era and explorations on topics ranging from seventeenth-century Amsterdam to architectural insights that can be found in the works of the poet and mathematician Lewis Carroll. Authors examining contemporary issues seek to explicate the spatial poetics of architecture by invoking other artistic disciplines. Contributors include Caroline Dionne (Universite de Quebec a Montreal), Mark Dorrian (University of Edinburgh), Michael Emerson (University of New South Wales), Marc Glaudemans (University of Technology), George Hersey (emeritus, Yale University), Robert Kirkbride (design director, Studiolo), Joanna Merwood (doctoral dissertation, Princeton University), Michel Moussette (Ph.D. at the Universite de Montreal), Juhani Pallasmaa (architect, Finland, emeritus Washington University in St. Louis), Alberto Perez-Gomez, David Theodore (McGill University), and Dorian Yurchuk (architect, New York City).


"The Chora series constitutes an original, necessary, and very important enterprise in the field of the critical history of architecture. The authors interpretations in a wide variety of subjects and themes contribute to an essential renewal in our appreciation for history and theory of architecture." Myriam Blais, Ecole d'architecture, Universite Laval /// "This collection continues the tradition of supplying new, interesting research for the community of theoreticians, historians, and practitioners interested in exploring alternative connections." Don Kunze, Architecture and Integrative Arts, Penn State University
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