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Social work is a profession that is increasingly involved with issues which have a global dimension. This Handbook tackles the global/local aspect of social work in its various forms and interrogates the key concerns that societies are facing through an international lens. The contributors show that, with an appreciation of commonalities and differences, local practices and appropriate forms of international activity can be better developed. Areas covered include:- Analysis of 'International social work'- Globalisation and indigenisation- Social justice and human rights- Poverty and livelihoods- Ecological issues- Migration - Education, theory, research and practice- Social work in different settings - Religion and spirituality- Responses to disasters and conflicts- Life course perspectives- Regional perspectives- Future directionsWith a truly international range of contributions, the Handbook incorporates perspectives from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australasia, the Middle East and the Americas.It will be an invaluable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academics working in the fields of social work, social welfare, human services, and community development worldwide, as well as service providers and policy makers in the international arena.


Setting the Scene - Nathalie Huegler, Karen Lyons and Manohar Pawar
Globalisation and Indigenisation - Lena Dominelli
Reconciling the Irreconcilible in Social Work?
Environment and Sustainability - Margaret Alston and Fred H. Besthorn
Human Rights - Joseph Wronka and Silvia Staub Bernasconi
Poverty, Development and Social Justice - Murli Desai and John Solas
Migration, Minorities and Citizenship - Uma Segal and Gerda Heck
Political and Organisational Contexts of Social Work Internationally - Malcolm Payne
Social Work Theories, Research/Methods and Practices: Critical Perspectives and New Challenges - Narda Razack
Social Work Values, Ethics and Professional Regulation - Richard Hugman and Wendy Bowles
Social Work Education: The International Dimension - Terry Hokenstad and Karen Lyons
Social Work Research - Joan Orme and Synnove Karvinen-Niinikoski
Social Work, Economic Conditions and Livelihood - Tatsuru Akimoto and Decha Sungkawan
Social Work and Health - Paul Bywaters and Cindy Davis
Social Work and Education - Marion Huxtable, Cynthia A. Sottie and Khuajin Ulziitungalag
Social Work, Social Justice and Protection: A Reflective Review - Michael Preston-Shoot and Staffan Höjer
Social Work and Changing Environments - Jennifer McKinnon and Raquel Sant'Ana
Social Work, Religion, Culture and Spirituality - Micheal L. Shier and John R. Graham
Disaster Management and Humanitarian Action - Golam M. Mathbor and Jennifer Bourassa
Social Work, Political Conflict and Displacement - Shulamit Ramon and Reima Ana Maglajlic
The Life-Course Perspective and Changing Context of Families - Murli Desai
Childhood and Youth in International Context: Life Course Perspectives - Letnie Rock, Jeff Karabanow and Kathleen Manion
Adulthood - Some Comparative and International Perspectives - Ruby Chau
Older Persons and Social Work: A Global Perspective - M. C. "Terry" Hokenstad, Jr., Ph.D. and Amy Restorick Roberts, Ph.D. Candidate
Social Work in Africa - Lengwe-K. Mwansa and Linda Kreitzer
Social Work in Southern and Eastern Asia - Manohar Pawar and Ming-sum Tsui
Social Work in Australasia - Liz Beddoe and Heather Fraser
Social Work in Europe - Sue Lawrence and Darja Zavirsek
The Middle East: Expanding Social Work to Address 21st Century Concerns - Sahar Al-Makhamreh and Kathryn Libal
Social Work in Latin America - Mahia Saracostti, Taly Reiniger and Henry Parada
Social Work in North America and the Caribbean - Julia Watkins and Jennifer Holden Dolly


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