Asset Performance Measures for Transmission Network

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Asset Performance Measures are the major part of asset management as they emphasize the effective implementation of the asset management principals in an organization. Measuring performance of assets in any Transmission Network Service Provider start with clear definition of "what is asset?", "what asset management is?" and "what are the objectives of implementation of asset management plans?". In this book, universal asset performance measures are used to build an integrated model and they are the most common applicable measures in any TNSP organization. The conceptual model indicates that there is very close relationship between different hierarchical levels throughout the life of the asset starting from acquisition to disposal phase. As TNSPs are regulated organizations, the top to bottom performance measures are the drivers for each hierarchical level with the consideration of the entire life cycle of the asset. The business level is identified as starting level which is the regulation performance scheme requirements for TNSPs and then at strategic, tactical and functional level the performance scheme requirements are translated to measure different levels of assets.


Author Lutfiye ALLAHMANLI,is a professional engineer with over 20 years experience with the Asset Management,RCM,Maintenance,Cost Control, Auditing,Business Improvement,Strategies Analyst with implementing Life Cycle Cost,KPI's, OPEX/CAPEX modelling in Electricity Transmission Network Company in Australia.She received 2 Master Degree from QUT & CQU.
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