Christian Insight on Gender, Sex and Marriage Conflict Resolutions

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Many people begin marriages with little or without instructions, but I believe this book will be a manual for helpful and vital importance for your marriage. It will give practical keys and principles that can improve your marriage and make it happier.A marriage can only thrive when the wife defers to the husband. A selfish, self-centered, demanding wife can destroy a marriage. But notice that the husband is NOT given the responsibility to try to MAKE his wife submit! It is between her and the Lord. Ideally, the husband will be so loving and obviously dedicated to his wife's well being that she will find it a joy to defer to him. Certainly, even if the husband has lots of spiritual growing to do, he is more likely to experience that growth when his wife maintains a submissive spirit. Normally, a husband and wife can come to agreement by graciously and honestly discussing their differences. In those rare times when an impasse is reached, the wife should make it her determination to defer to her husband. A spouse who rejects the principles in this book is in danger of destroying his/her marriage.


Bishop Kalunyu, author of this book is a family man, born againChristian and holder of the Master of Religion and Theology Degreeand has served in various pastoral roles for over 25 years.Currently serving as a Bishop of National Independent Church ofAfrica (NICA) Eastern Diocese
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