Fault-Tolerance in Health Systems - A Case Study In Nigeria

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Dezember 2014



The critical nature of information and data in some systems like health sector requires a system that gives optimal tolerance to fault without trading off or compromising system integrity, availability and security in order for the system to afford greater efficiency. The main thrust of this work is to examine health system application(s) in the light of fault tolerance and come up with application software of high tolerance to fault that can be deployed as an intranet in a tertiary health institution for sharing Patients' Case Notes among care givers. Besides extensive literature review on the work, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, one of the teaching hospitals in Nigeria, was chosen as a case study. Critically examined was the existing flow of Patients' information (CANO), this patients' information flow in use was worked upon in the light of approaches to achieving fault-tolerant, ART, to enhance health sector related information system. The various departments and users were interviewed and interacted with in order to, among other things, gather system specifications.


Oladejo Sunday Oyebisi has been a frontier in the service of providing business process automation for more than a decade ago. He takes upon himself the task of selling the idea of business process automation towards advancing efficiency, productivity and so on. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Masters degree from Universities in Nigeria.
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