Synthesis and characterization of 5-(Alkoxymethyl)-8-Quinolinol

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Dezember 2014



Book comprises a synthesis of series of 5-Alkoxymethyl-8-quinolinols using different alcohols. Synthesized compounds are well characterized using various techniques like Elemental analysis, Infrared, Mass, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Interpretation is discussed in detail with intention that methodology will become directive for upcoming chemist. Book is written using very soft language so everybody can understand easily.


Dr. Ketan Patel is M.Sc. (inorganic chemistry), Metal complexes is his field of research with more than 08 research article in international Journals of repute and is having author of 06 books with national/regional publisher. Dr.Umesh Tarpada and Dr.Deepen Gandhi are also engaged in same stream.
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Untertitel: Synthesis and characterization of 5-(Alkoxymethyl)-8-Quinolinol Ligands. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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