Life After Z-Day

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November 2014



It has been a little over a year since Z-Day. The number of zombies has grown at an alarming rate and they threaten to overrun the world. The survivors of Z-Day have been doing everything they can to stay alive.

Settlements are starting to appear around the world as those who have survived the zombie apocalypse so far are finding each other and trying to make themselves a safe place to live and hold out until the possibility of a cure being found or simply outlasting the zombies.

As the group who made it to Fort Pulaski continues to build their home and face their own problems, the other survivors across the country are discovering the sobering truth. The truth that being on the mainland means being surrounded by more and more zombies and the eventuality that where they are may no longer be safe. The truth that they might have to seek shelter and safety elsewhere.

As the survivors of Z-Day continue their struggle to stay alive in the new world against the zombies and other survivors who want what they have, it quickly becomes obvious that survival might not be a possible future for any of them.
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