Factors that influence women's satisfaction with peripartum care

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The book is based on research about factors that influence women's satisfaction with peripartum care at Germiston Bertha Gxowa Hospital maternity unit, Gauteng, South Africa. A cross sectional descriptive study was done over 2 months among 260 women during their post partum third day review. A structured questionnaire was used to gather information on :pain relief, privacy, cleanliness of environment , information sharing during labour by doctors nurse's/midwives and participation in decision making about their care. The results showed that 68% of women were not satisfied with pain relief given during labour. Fifty five percent of women were dissatisfied with information given to them by the doctors in contrast to 63% of women who were satisfied with the information from the nurses. There was 73% dissatisfaction with their involvement in their care . In contrast most women 84 % were satisfied with privacy and 90% with cleanliness of the ward. The was no association between the level of satisfaction and the various factors.


Dr Nonhlanhla Khumalo is a family physician who works at Bertha Gxowa Hospital in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng ,South Africa. She works as a Family Physician and also a lecturer at the University of Witswatersrand where she teaches undergraduates and postgraduate students in the Family medicine department. Dr Edrone Rwakaikara is a co-author.
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