Jesus Calling for Little Ones

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Devotions for little ones, written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child's heart. Based on her original Jesus Calling, this version for little ones has been adapted in a language and style that toddlers and preschoolers can understand. After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to listen to God with pen in hand, writing down what she believed He was saying to her through Scripture. Others were blessed as she shared her writings, until people all over the world were using her devotionals. The message is written from Jesus' point of view. It is Sarah's fervent prayer that our Savior may bless young readers with His presence and peace in their little hearts. Adorably illustrated, Jesus Calling for Little Onescan help parents reassure toddlers and preschoolers of Jesus' never-ending love and constant presence. This board book format will offer the same message and comfort that so many older kids have received from the devotional for kids. It will offer messages to children straight from Scripture, such as: * Jesus loves them.* Jesus knows all about them.* Jesus is always with them.Millions of lives have been touched by Sarah Young's Jesus Calling products, and this board book for little ones is a beautiful addition to this bestselling brand. Trim Size: 5 x 7


Sarah Young's devotional writing is helping millions in their quest for intimacy with Christ. She has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Christianity Today and has sold more than 14 million books world wide. Jesus Today received the ECPA Christian Book of the Year award for 2013. Sarah and her husband currently live in the United States.
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