Victorian Fashion

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The Victorian age was one of the most exciting and complex periods of history, an era of rapid change and great contrasts, in which dress reflected the times with extraordinary vibrancy. Female style was expressed in a succession of striking fashions, ever-shifting trends in the form, colour, material and ornamentation of garments, novel accessories and diverse hairstyles. Male dress was more uniform and sober, evolving subtly, whereas children's wear underwent significant developments. While celebrating the excesses of high fashion hot from Paris, Jayne Shrimpton also considers the dress of ordinary working people and the clothing worn for special occasions and sporting activities. Featuring many previously-unpublished images and drawing on private journals, this new history of Victorian dress presents fresh material and offers original insights into a fascinating subject.


Buying and Making Clothes
Female Fashions
Children's Dress
Bridal Style
Mourning Costume
Further Reading
Places to Visit


Jayne Shrimpton is a professional dress historian and portrait specialist with an MA in the History of Dress from the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London). She has many years' experience analysing historical images and is well known for her dress history and photograph books, magazine articles, lectures and photo dating events.
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