Multi-objective Design Space Exploration of Multiprocessor SoC Architectures

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November 2014



This book serves as a reference for researchers and designers in Embedded Systems who need to explore design alternatives.  It provides a design space exploration methodology for the analysis of system characteristics and the selection of the most appropriate architectural solution to satisfy requirements in terms of performance, power consumption, number of required resources, etc.  Coverage focuses on the design of complex multimedia applications, where the choice of the optimal design alternative in terms of application/architecture pair is too complex to be pursued through a full search comparison, especially because of the multi-objective nature of the designer's goal, the simulation time required and the number of parameters of the multi-core architecture to be optimized concurrently.


Part I: Methodologies and Tools.- 1. The MULTICUBE Design Flow.- 2. M3-SCoPE: Performance Modeling of Multi-Processor Embedded Systems for Fast Design Space Exploration.- 3. Optimization Algorithms for Design Space Exploration of Embedded Systems.- 4. Response Surface Modeling for Design Space Exploration of Embedded System.-  5. Design Space Exploration Supporting Run-Time Resource Management.- 6. Run-Time Resource Management at the Operating System Level.- Part II: Application Domains.- 7. High-level Modeling and Exploration of a Powerline Communication Network Based on System-on-Chip.- 8. Design Space Exploration of Parallel Architectures.- 9. Design Space Exploration for Run-Time Management of a Reconfigurable System for Video Streaming.


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