Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Cell Walls

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Juli 1996



The plant cell wall plays a vital role in almost every aspect of plant physiology. New techniques in spectroscopy, biophysics and molecular biology have revealed the extraordinary complexity of its molecular architecture and just how important this structure is in the control of plant growth and development. The Second Edition of this accessible and integrated textbook has been revised and updated throughout. As well as focusing on the structure and function of plant cell walls the book also looks at the applications of this research. It discusses how plant cell walls can be exploited by the biotechnology industry and some of the main challenges for future research. Key topics include: architecture and skeletal functions of the wall; cell-wall formation; control of cell growth; role in intracellular transport; interactions with other organisms; cell-wall degradation; biotechnological applications of cell-walls; role in diet and health. This textbook provides a clear, well illustrated introduction to the physiology and biochemistry of plant cell walls which will be invaluable to upper level undergraduate and post graduate students of plant physiology, plant pathology, plant biotechnology and biochemistry.


The role of the cell wall in the life of the plant. The
molecular components of the wall. Cell wall architecture and the
functions of the wall. Cell-wall formation. The cell wall
and control
of cell growth. The cell wall and intracellular
transport. The cell
wall and interactions with other organisms. The
cell wall and
reproduction. Cell-wall degradation and
applications. Cell walls in diet and health.
Outstanding problems for
future research.


Review of the first edition: In this clearly written and well illustrated book, Brett and Waldron show how research over the past 20 years has revolutionized our view of the plant cell wall ... the authors' [have an] admirably eclectic approach, which touches on areas as diverse as pollen dating, dry rot and mechanical engineering ... Brett and Waldron have provided a readily accessible introduction to all these topics for any plant scientist - Times Higher Education Supplement; ...a reference for the molecular biologist catching up on the structural fundamentals of the cell walls of flowering plants - Trends in plant science
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