The Millionaire Code: 16 Paths to Wealth Building

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September 2003



Millionaire Code, provides an important contribution to the world of investing. Truly unique insights.' -Charles Carlson author, Eight $teps to $even Figures: The Investment Strategies of Everyday Millionaires and How You Can Become Wealthy Too ' Its often said that if you dont know who you are, Wall Street is an expensive place to find out. By helping you understand more about yourself, this book will help you become a more successful investor.' -Ri Edelman Chairman, Edelman Financial Services, author of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth, and Discover the Wealth Within You


Acknowledgments. Part 1: Introduction: Unleash the Millionaire within You. 1. A New Way of Thinking ... Getting Rich in Spirit and in Fact. 2. Historical Overview: Unlocking the Secret of the Millionaire Personality. 3. Jung's Four-Step Decision-Making Process for the Millionaire within You 23 Part 2: Test Yourself and Discover Your Unique Millionaire's Code. 4. The Millionaire's Code: Tap into the Secret Power within You. 5. Test the First Letter: Extravert or Introvert (E or I)? 6. Test the Second Letter: Sensor or Intuitive (S or N)? 7. Test the Third Letter: Thinking or Feeling (T or F)? 8. Test the Fourth Letter: Judging or Perceiving (J or P)? 9. Discover the Real You in the "X-Factor" of Your Millionaire's Code. Part 3: The Four Temperaments in Millionaire Profiling. 10. The Millionaire Temperaments: A Shortcut to the Millionaire Within. 11. Freelance Creators: Sensor-Perceivers (SP). 12. Systems Masterminds: Intuitive-Thinkers (NT). 13. The Pathfinders: Intuitive-Feelers (NF). 14. Guardians of the Establishment: Sensor-Judgers (SJ). 15. Hybrids, Dual Personalities, and Genetic Code Reprogramming. Part 4: The 16 Millionaire Personality Codes. 16. The 16 Millionaire Personalities. Freelance Creators. 17. Entrepreneurs and Promoters (ESTP) (Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki). 18. Entertainers and Performers (ESFP) (Fred Astaire, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen). 19. Master Craftsmen (ISTP) (Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan). 20. Directors and Composers (ISFP) (Andrew Lloyd Weber, Ray Bradbury, Stephen Spielberg). Systems Masterminds. 21. Commanders in Chief (ENTJ) (Winston Churchill, Rudy Giuliani, John F. Kennedy). 22. Master Innovators (ENTP) (Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson). 23. Chief Strategists (INTJ) (Dwight D. Eisenhower,Vince Lombardi, Charles Munger). 24. Visionary Thinkers (INTP) (Albert Einstein, Carl G. Jung, Stephen Hawking). The Pathfinders. 25. Inspiring Teachers (ENFJ) (Joseph Campbell, Gary Zukav, Stephen Covey). 26. Champions and Causes (ENFP) (Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama). 27. Healing Counselors (INFJ) (M. Scott Peck,Wayne Dyer, Thomas Moore). 28. Mystic Heroes (INFP) (Richard Bach, Richard Carlson, Julia Cameron). Guardians of the Establishment. 29. Chief Executive Officers (ESTJ) (Warren Buffett, Jack Bogle, Charles Schwab). 30. Peacemakers (ESFJ) (George Soros,William Ury, Andrew Carnegie). 31. Results-Oriented Experts (ISTJ) (Peter Drucker, James Loehr, Chuck Norris). 32. Master-Servants (ISFJ) (Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jesus, Buddha). Epilogue. The Millionaire's Basic Training Library. Bibliography. Index. About the Author.


PAUL B. FARRELL, JD, PhD, is an investing and personal finance columnist for CBS MarketWatch. Dr. Farrell has written more than 1,000 columns, many of which have been syndicated on America Online, Yahoo!, and ETrade.com. He frequently appears on television and radio, including CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, and FOX. He has written four books and previously worked as an executive vice president of Financial News Network, associate editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, and as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley.
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