The Study of Mental Foramen on Panoramic Radiograph

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Panoramic radiographs owing to their advantages are widely used in dentistry prior to various dental and maxillofacial procedures. Mental foramen is more often seen on panoramic radiographs because of wider field of view, continuity of the visualized area, ability to follow the course of the inferior alveolar and the mental canal till the mental foramen and aids in its localization.From the mathematical equations derived by linear regression analysis the age of a subject can be predicted with high sensitivity. However due to ethnic, racial, geographical, genetic and environmental factors vertical positions of mental foramen varies from population to population.


Dr.Akhilanand Chaurasia, an undergraduate from King George Medical University,Lucknow and postgraduate from University of Kerala, Trivandrum has dedicated meticulous efforts and supreme services pertaining to dental sciences.Presently He is assistant Professor in Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, King George Medical University,Lucknow, India
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