Five Minutes with God

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November 2014



Many Christians resolve each New Year to be more faithful in their daily Bible reading. But after the first few days, we forget, fall behind, or become discouraged and give up altogether. We want to be more faithful in studying God's Word, but our hectic schedules and busy lives make it difficult.

Five Minutes with God is a distinct and exciting approach to daily Bible reading. Instead of a lofty goal of reading through the entire Bible-or even the New Testament-in one year, Five Minutes with God focuses on shorter passages so that the reader can absorb more of the text and apply it to everyday life.

In this book, you will be stepped through the Gospel accounts of the life of Christ in 365 daily readings. No life has had a greater impact on the world than the life of the Son of God. During his time on earth, Jesus gave us a glimpse into God's heart and made it possible for us to approach the Father in ways never before possible.

Each day's reading ends with a thought for further reflection and a call to prayer. By reading, reflecting, and praying, Five Minutes with God will help you come to know Him, love Him, and follow Him like never before.
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