Sentimentalism in Nineteenth-Century America

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April 2015



Tracing the eighteenth-century origins of sentimentalism, the collection illustrates its proliferation in nineteenth-century America. Contributors explore motherhood, education, reform, loss and mourning, and the Civil War's explosion of the faith in universal feelings and ideas on which sentimentalism was based.


Introduction, Mary De Jong Part One: Rethinking Sentimental Motherhood
1."These Human Flowers": Sentimentalizing Children and Fashioning Maternal Authority in Godey's Lady's Book, Kara Clevinger
2."The Medicine of Sympathy": Maternal Affective Pedagogy in Antebellum America," Ken Parille
3.The Ethics of Postbellum Melancholy in the Poetry of Sarah Piatt, D. Zachary Finch Part Two: The Politics of Sentimentality
4."The Language of the Eye": Communication and Sentimental Benevolence in Lydia Sigourney's Poems and Essays about the Deaf, Elizabeth Petrino
5.Lydia Maria Child's Use of Sentimentalism in Letters from New-York, Susan Toth Lord
6.Sympathetic Jo: Tomboyism, Poverty, and Race in Alcott's Little Women, Kristen Proehl Part Three: Loss, Death, Mourning and Grief
7.Desired and Imagined Loss as Sympathetic Identification: Bachelor Melancholia in Donald Grant Mitchell's Reveries of a Bachelor, Maglina Lubovich
8.The Collaborative Construction of a Death-Defying Cryptext: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, Adam Bradford
9."Such Verses for My Body Let Us Write": Civil War Song, Sentimentalism, and Whitman's Drum-Taps, Robert Arbour
10.Psychological Sentimentalism: Consciousness, Affect, and the Sentimental Henry James, George Gordon-Smith Afterword, Mary Louise Kete Works Cited Contributors


Mary G. De Jong is associate professor of English and Women's Studies at Penn State Altoona.
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