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September 1997



The combination of humorous, scientifically grounded text with detailed, realistic drawings will pique the interest of armchair naturalists and active explorers alike.''--Publisher's Weekly. Be alert, because when you step into this spooky, twilight zone, anything can happen. Suddenly, a bat squeaks overhead while a slithery something--a salamander?--slides around your foot into a dark crack. Move your flashlight and cave crickets wiggle their antennas as a frog croaks somewhere nearby. Look up and the heart-shaped face of a barn owl may fix you with an icy stare. One small square at a time, you feel the mushiness of the damp earth and experience a world of natural wonders where shy inhabitants wait in shadows for you to discover them. Cave is just one of the exciting, vibrantly illustrated volumes in the critically acclaimed One Small Square series of science and nature books for children ages 6-9. Each book includes: stunning full-color illustrations of each habitat and its creatures; motivating experiments and activities, along with clear, diagrammed instructions and safety tips; a picture field guide to the habitat; a glossary-index and resource list. One Small Square--an eye opening series--puts the whole world in perspective for children, one small square at a time. Each book is a thrilling, up-close encounter with mammals, insects, plants, birds, fish, amphibians, bacteria, and the ecosystems in which they live. Science education at its best.''--Science Books and Films. ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR: Donald M. Silver is the author of more than 40 science books for children and teachers alike. In addition to the award winning One Small Square series, he has written The AnimalWorld, Why Save the Rain Forest?, Extinction Is Forever, and The Dinosaur Activity Book--all illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne. Patricia J. Wynne's illustrations have also appeared in Scientific American, Natural History, and The New York Times as well as in the highly praise


Introduction.One Small Square at the Cave Entrance.Watch Your Step.Winter Guests.One Small Square in Darkness.The Rock Makers.Seeing by Hearing.What's for Dinner? When Water Moves.Keeping Caves Alive.The Cave Makers.Caves of the World.Other Kinds of Caves.


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