Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization

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April 2015



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, EMO 2015 held in Guimarães, Portugal in March/April 2015. The 68 revised full papers presented together with 4 plenary talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 90 submissions. The EMO 2015 aims to continue these type of developments, being the papers presented focused in: theoretical aspects, algorithms development, many-objectives optimization, robustness and optimization under uncertainty, performance indicators, multiple criteria decision making and real-world applications.


Many-Objectives Optimization, Performance and Robustness.
Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization based on Kuhn-Munkres' Algorithm.
A KKT Proximity Measure for Evolutionary Multi-Objective and Many-Objective Optimization.
U-NSGA-III: A Unified Evolutionary Optimization Procedure for Single, Multiple, and Many Objectives - Proof-of- Principle Results.
Clustering based parallel Many-objective Evolutionary Algorithms using the shape of the objective vectors.
Faster Exact Algorithms for Computing Expected Hypervolume Improvement.
A GPU-based Algorithm for a Faster Hypervolume Contribution Computation.
A Feature-based Performance Analysis in Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization.
Modified Distance Calculation in Generational Distance and Inverted Generational Distance.
On the Behavior of Stochastic Local Search within Parameter Dependent MOPs.
An Evolutionary Approach to Active Robust Multiobjective Optimisation.
Linear scalarization Pareto front identification in stochastic environments.
Elite Accumulative Sampling Strategies for Noisy Multi-Objective Optimisation.
Guideline Identification for Optimization under Uncertainty through the Optimization of a Boomerang Trajectory.
Using indifference information in robust ordinal regression.
A Multi-objective genetic algorithm for inferring inter-criteria parameters for water supply consensus.
Genetic Algorithm Approach for a Class of Multi-criteria, Multi-vehicle Planner of UAVs.
An Interactive Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Method: Interactive WASF-GA.
On Generalizing Lipschitz Global Methods for Multiobjective Optimization.
Dealing with scarce optimization time in complex logistics optimization: A study on the biobjective Swap-Body Inventory Routing Problem.
Machine Decision Makers as a Laboratory for Interactive EMO.
Real World Applications.
Aircraft Air Inlet Design Optimization via Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Computation.
Diesel Engine Drive-Cycle Optimization with the Integrated Optimization Environment - Liger.
Re-design for robustness: An approach based on many objective optimization.
A Model for a Human Decision-Maker in a Polymer Extrusion Process.
Multi-Objective Optimization of Gate Location and Processing Conditions in Injection Molding Using MOEAs: Experimental Assessment.
A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for a Routing Problem in Waste Collection.
Application of Evolutionary Multiobjective Algorithms for solving the problem of Energy Dispatch in Hydroelectric Power Plants.
Solutions in Under 10 Seconds for Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows using Commodity Computers.
A comparative study of algorithms for solving the Multiobjective Open-Pit Mining Operational Planning Problems.
A Model to Select a Portfolio of Multiple Spare Parts for a Public Bus Transport Service Using NSGA II.-A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach Associated to Climate Change Analysis to Improve Systematic Conservation Planning.
Marginalization in Mexico: An Application of the Electre III[Pleaseinsertintopreamble]MOEA Methodology.
Integrating Hierarchical Clustering and Pareto-Efficacy to Preventive Controls Selection in Voltage Stability Assessment.
Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Discrete Differential Mutation Operator for Service Restoration in Largescale.
Distribution Systems.
Combining Data Mining and Evolutionary Computation for Multi-Criteria Optimization of Earthworks.
Exploration of Two-Objective Scenarios on Supervised Evolutionary Feature Selection: a Survey and a Case Study.
(Application to Music Categorisation).
A Multi-Objective Approach for Building Hyperspectral Remote Sensed Image Classifier Combiners.
Multi-Objective Optimization of Barrier Coverage with Wireless Sensors.
Comparison of Single and Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Robust Link-state Routing.


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