Mindful Medical Practice

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This book is about being mindful in clinical practice and how mindfulness enhances the quality of patient care while adding depth and meaning to a clinicians' work. Chapters include narratives from clinicians who consciously apply mindfulness in real life settings.  Authors from various settings provide examples that capture how emergent mindfulness is. Mindful Medical Practice demonstrates to physicians, residents and students how mindfulness enriches both their practices and lives.


Title Page
Contributing Authors
Chapter 1.  Introduction: Mindful Medical Practice
Chapter 2.  Mindful Rounds, Narrative Medicine, House Calls and Other Stories
Chapter 3.  Lost Heart(beat)/Broken(body)       
Chapter 4. Working with Groups Mindfully 
Chapter 5. The Opera of Medicine
Chapter 6.  The Mindful Psychiatrist: Being Present with Suffering
Chapter 7.  The Death of a Snowflake
Chapter 8.  Carmen's Story
Chapter 9.  A Mindful Life in Medicine: One Pediatrician's Reflections on Being Mindful
Chapter 10.  Embodied Wisdom: Meeting Experience through the Body
Chapter 11: Minding Baby Abigale
Chapter 12. Mindfulness in Oncology: Healing Through Relationship
Chapter 13. Choosing to Survive: A Change in Reproductive Plans
Chapter 14. Mindfulness in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
Chapter 15. In the Heart of Cancer                           
Chapter 16. Hiking on the Eightfold Path
Chapter 17.  Strengthening the Therapeutic Alliance Through Mindfulness: One Nephrologist's Experiences
Chapter 18. Richard's Embers
Chapter 19.  Mindful Decisions in Urogynecological Surgery: Paths from Awareness to Action
Chapter 20. The Good Mother
Chapter 21. I Am My Brother's Keeper
Chapter 22. The Mindful Shift
Chapter 23. Lifeline
Chapter 24. Medical Students' Voices: Reflections on Mindlessness During Clinical Encounters
Chapter 25. Growth and Freedom in 5 Chapters        
Chapter 26. A Wounded Healer's Reflections on Healing
Chapter 27. Mindfulness, Presence, and Whole Person Care
Chapter 28. Mindful Attitudes Open Hearts in Clinical Practice



Patricia Lynn Dobkin
Department of Medicine,
Programs in Whole Person Care
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec 

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