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Januar 2015



This Springer Handbook provides, for the first time, a complete and consistent overview over the methods, applications, and products in the field of marine biotechnology. A large portion of the surface of the earth (ca. 70%) is covered by the oceans. More than 80% of the living organisms on the earth are found in aquatic ecosystems. The aquatic systems thus constitute a rich reservoir for various chemical materials and (bio-)chemical processes.
Edited by a renowned expert with a longstanding experience, and including over 60 contributions from leading international scientists, the Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology is a major authoritative desk reference for everyone interested or working in the field of marine biotechnology and bioprocessing - from undergraduate and graduate students, over scientists and teachers, to professionals.
Marine biotechnology is concerned with the study of biochemical materials and processes from marine sources, that play a vital role in the isolation of novel drugs, and to bring them to industrial and pharmaceutical development. Today, a multitude of bioprocess techniques is employed to isolate and produce marine natural compounds, novel biomaterials, or proteins and enzymes from marine organisms, and to bring them to applications as pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals or nutraceuticals, or for the production of bioenergy from marine sources. All these topics are addressed by the Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology.
The book is divided into ten parts. Each part is consistently organized, so that the handbook provides a sound introduction to marine biotechnology - from historical backgrounds and the fundamentals, over the description of the methods and technology, to their applications - but it can also be used as a reference work.
Key topics include: - Marine flora and fauna - Tools and methods in marine biotechnology - Marine genomics - Marine microbiology - Bioenergy and biofuels - Marine bioproducts in industrial applications - Marine bioproducts in medical and pharmaceutical applications - and many more...


Part A Marine Flora and FaunaMarine Fungal Diversity.- Diversity of Marine Phototrophs.-Marine Viruses.- Marine Microalgae.- Seaweed Flora of the European North Atlantic.- Corals.- Marine Sponges - Molecular Biology and BiotechnologyPart B Tools and MethodsBioprocess Engineering of Phototrophic Marine Organism.- Bioinformatic Techniques in Marine Genomics.- Bioprospection of Marine Microorganisms.- Cultures of Marine Microorganisms.- Transgenic Technology in Marine Organisms.- Marine Enzymes.- Quorum Sensing and Quenching.- Detection of Invasive SpeciesPart C GenomicsMarine Metagenomics.- Proteomics in Marine Biotechnology.- Marine Metagenome.- Microfluidic Systems.- Genome MiningPart D Algal TechnologySulphated Algal Polysaccharides.- Iodine in Seaweeds - Research History.- Marine Macrophytes.- Removal of Heavy MetalsPart E Microbiology and BiotechnologyMicrobial Biotechnology.- Actinomycetes in Biodiscovery.- Biotransformation of NitrilesPart F Derived MetabolitesMarine Natural Products.- Biocatalysts from Aplysia.- Anti-Microbial Peptides.- Fungal Metabolites.- Dinoflagellates-Associated Human Poisoning.- Carotenoids Derived from Seaweeds.- Cnidarians - Bioactive Compounds.- Lipids from Tropical Marine Sponges.- Marine Biotoxins.- Microbial Enzymes.- Polysaccharides from Marine OrganismsPart G Applications of Marine BiotechnologyPharmaceuticals.- Functional Food.- Nutraceuticals.- Cosmeceuticals.- Fatty Acids.- Selenium-Containing Antioxidant Selenoneine.- Alginate Oigosaccharides.- Plant Pest ManagementPart H Bioenergy and BiofuelsBlue Biotechnology for Marine Bioenergy.- Marine Algal Biotechnology and Bioenergy.- Marine Bioenergy and Biofuels.- Antifouling Materials for Water TreatmentPart I Biomedical ApplicationsMarine Biomaterials.-Gene Delivery.- Marine Microorganisms in Nanoparticles.- Therapeutics and Medical Diagnostics.- Biosensors.- BiomineralizationPart J Industrial ApplicationsFunctional Feeds in Aquaculture.- Mussel-Derived Bioadhesives.- Marine Silicon Biotechnology.- Microalgal Biotechnology.- Biofouling and Biocorrosion
Subject Index.- Acknowledgements.- About the Authors



Prof. Dr. Se-Kwon Kim has more than 40 years of experience as a marine biochemist, working in the field of marine bioprocess and biotechnology. He holds a professorship of marine biochemistry at the Pukyong National University, Pusan, South Korea and is the director of the Marine Bioprocess Research Center in Pusan, Korea. Prof. Kim obtained his PhD from the Pukyong National University, before joining the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) for postdoctoral research. In 1999-2000, he has been visiting professor at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. To date, his research has been documented in more than 450 original research papers, 76 patents and several books.
Prof. Kim's major research interests are bioactive substances derived from marine organisms and their various applications (e.g. as pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals or for dietary supplements).


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