Pregnancy Sickness: Using Your Body's Natural Defenses to Protect Your Baby-To-Be

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Mai 1997



An award-winning scientist details for the first time how pregnancy sickness is much more than an unfortunate side effect of the first trimester. Rather, it is a highly evolved natural mechanism designed to protect a vulnerable embryo from harm. By explaining the process of how foods affect the embryo--and by listing good and bad foods--"Pregnancy Sickness" is an essential, proactive guide to a healthy baby.


* Introduction How Pregnancy Sickness Protects the Baby-to-Be * Natural Toxins and Our Natural Defenses Against Them * The Vulnerable Embryo * How a Womans Body Defends Her Embryo Against Toxins * Why Pregnancy Sickness Varies So Much in Severity Managing the First Trimester * Preparing for Pregnancy Sickness * Managing Pregnancy Sickness * Managing Pregnancy Sickness: Trusting Food Aversions * Balancing Good Nutrition and Pregnancy Sickness * Too Much or Too Little Pregnancy Sickness and What to Do About It * Pregnancy Sickness Does Not Protect Against All Modern Toxins: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Medicines, and Pollutants * Other First-Trimester Hazards to Embryos * Beyond the First Trimester


Margie Profet is a 1993 MacArthur Prize Fellowship--winning evolutionary biologist. A graduate of both Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley, she is a scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle.
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