All Grown Up and No Place to Go: Teenagers in Crisis, Revised Edition

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Dezember 1997



Elkind's classic on "hurried teens" condemns how society pushes adolescents to assume adult roles too soon. This thorough revision argues that new trends among teens--long work hours, rising violence, and pregnancies--make an even stronger case for protecting adolescents instead of pressuring them. "A valuable tour of adolescent thinking".--Ms.


Needed: A Time To Grow * Teenagers in Crisis * Thinking in a New Key * Perils of Puberty * Peer Shock Given: A Premature Adulthood * Vanishing Markers * The Postmodern Permeable Family * Schools for Scandal Result: Stress and Its Aftermath * Stress, Identity, and the Patchwork Self * Teenage Reactions to Postmodern Stressors * Helping Teenagers Cope


David Elkind, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at Tufts University and the author of a dozen books, including "The Hurried Child" and "All Grown Up and No Place to Go." He lives outside of Boston and on Cape Cod.
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