GA Architect 5

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Oktober 2014



Long-awaited GA ARCHITECT 05 ZAHA HADID is being republished.

In 1983, Zaha Hadid made brilliant debut by winning first prize at the
competition of "The Peak¿ in Hong Kong. This project was never realized and she was called the "Queen of the Unbuilt¿ at that time. However, her distinctive drawings were full of energy which indicated her future success.

GA ARCHITECT 05 ZAHA HADID includes 9 projects in her early days.
Her drawings are reproduced with high definition and displayed in beautiful layout. The preface is written by Arata Isozaki, who discovered her talent at the competition of "The Peak". This monumental book is a must to know the first stage of the master of contemporary architecture.
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Untertitel: Zaha Hadid. Sprachen: Japanisch Englisch.
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