Fiji Food Environments

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April 2015



The Islands of Fiji suffer from a growing prevalence of NCD's, or non-communicable diseases, which are often nutrition related. Much of the blame for the growing rate of these diseases is due to lifestyle choice, specifically food related decisions. Fiji's nutrition concerns and NCD prevalence are greater in urban centers, compared to a lower frequency in rural villages. These contrasting demographics are composed of dissimilar food environments that influence inhabitants' food decisions, in turn effecting prevalence of nutrition related concerns. The purpose of this study was to extend existing knowledge and gain the perspectives of Fijian Islanders through identifying the strongest environmental factors that influence food choice. Once motivations of food decisions are identified, this knowledge can aid in designing effective nutrition related programs and policy reformation.


Sandra Bradshaw is a middle school teacher by profession, specializing in nutrition and health sciences. She enjoys researching the area she teaches continually. She loves to visit other cultures around the world, especially learning about native foods of the places she visits.
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