Image Encryption Using RC5 Algorithm

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Januar 2015



The encryption of images is not an easy task because of the close correlation among the image data, which makes the encrypted image most of the times partly intelligible which gives statistical tool for the analyst to decry pt the message. That's why the choice was made to use RC5 encryption algorithm and implemented it on the deepest levels of data (R, G, and B) that provided a very high level of confusion that makes the resulted encrypted image practically unintelligible. The security of multimedia in general, and images especially is growing in importance and will keep so, as the sensitivity of this kind of data is very high in current applications such as top secret military and space research images or image documents it will need all means to protect its confidentiality and integrity such as stenography, watermarking and encryption.


ISSAM HAMMODI HASSON : M.Sc Computer Science Director of Electronic Computer Department of studies, planning and follow-up at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
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