Contribution of small-scale mining to the miners' well-being:

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This book is an outcome of a study undertaken by Mr Emmanuel Sherembi as part of the requirements for his M.A. (Economics) degree of St. Augustine university of Tanzania and supervised by Prof. M. E. Mlambiti. The main purpose of having the study published as a book is to let the public know the contribution of small-scale gold mining activities to the livelihood (well-being) of the rural poor households in Tanzania in particular and to the economy of the country in general.The authors are also of the opinion that the methodology used in analyzing the case may be a good referral base for other researchers and academicians studying or being interested in analyzing similar rural mining income generating activities in the country or other parts of the world where such small-scale mining activities take place.


Mr. Emmanuel Sherembi is currently a Planning officer department of planning, statistics and monitoring Chato district Tanzania, holds a Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Economics which was awarded by St. Augustine university of Tanzania.His research project has concentrated on the contribution of small-scale mining on the miners' well-being
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