Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, August 2014 #219

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Januar 2015



Original Novella: New Beaches by Daniel Hatch: Power, corruption, and danger rise with the tides.

Short Story: Man or Mech by Rebecca McFarland Kyle: Underneath the shiny, indestructible surface is the soul of a man.

Novella: Invisible Friends by Steven Sawicki: He's just an all American boy with a dog that loves to drive his car, some talking monkeys, and a few damned aliens.

Short Story: Canceled by Edward J. McFadden III
The damnedest things can happen when a man comes face to face with the reality of his past.

Reviews: Area 51 1/2 by Steven Sawicki - A damn alien shares his opinion of Earth's so-called culture.

Reviews: The Fan by Carol McDonnell - Carole McDonnell reviews five dystopian YA novels with teen saviors.

Reviews: The Remake Chronicles: In which Leito Leaps Twice by Adam-Troy Castro - Multiple Hugo and Nebula nominee Adam-Troy Castro examines the stories that movies keep returning to. This column will alternate with A-TC's regular video recommendations.
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