Quantum Algorithmic Engineering With Photonic Integrated Circuits

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Januar 2015



Integrated quantum photonics show monolithic waveguide chips to be a promising platform for realizing the next generation quantum optical circuits. This book proposes the implementation of Quantum PageRank, the quantum version of famous Google PageRank, on a photonic waveguide lattice. The book uses the paradigm of Quantum Stochastic Walk for the Quantum PageRank problem. The quantum version of Facebook Graph Search is modeled as a multidimensional quantum search used in generating Quantum PageRank. The book uses the metric Kolmogorov Complexity to detect the eavesdropping in BB84 Quantum Cryptography protocol. The Kolmogorov Complexity is used as an added layer of security on the quantum channel.


Kallol Roy is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. He did his Ph.D from Electrical Communication Engineering from IISc Bangalore and Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. His research interest is on Big Data Analytics using Quantum Algorithms.
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