Nursing Students' Employment: Causes And Effects

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College nursing students` work is a controversial phenomenon from different perspectives: students, academic staff, employers and nursing professor's decision-makers. The escalating costs of college study, students are left with the decision of how to fund their education. So, students are left to pay their own way by means of full-time or part-time employment .Approximately 80 percent of all college students are employed while completing their undergraduate education .The amount of time students spend working has been of increasing concern for the educators that serve them and, in some instances, the students themselves. students have the need to work to afford college and it`s important for higher education researchers, policy analysts, practitioners, faculty, and administrators to better understand students` needs and challenges in trying to balance work, financing, and college.


Shaimaa Ali is an assistant lecturer in Nursing Administration Department at Faculty of Nursing-Cairo University.she serves as a member of team of the interns students` training and a member of team of quality assurance unit at the faculty.
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