Sustainable management for long term learning and school output

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Januar 2015



In this textbook the effects that the implementation of Management by Objectives are combined with different methods that are included in NPM have for school leadership studied and the challenges this causes discussed. Two main theories that are applied is goal-setting theory and role stress theory and how they effect and explain role-performance discussed. In short the effects of role of design are combined with school based management, instructional leadership and at last the design of performance measures studied. The results are reported and the consequences of them for school-leaders and stakeholder are discussed. The author claims that this modern approach that so many countries and stakeholders implement should be critically analyzed and possible consequences examined before "the whole page" of the NPM approach is implemented. The textbook provides important knowledge that is essential for school stakeholders in order to achieve the control that is wanted and the results that are required. According the author, should the awareness of the values underlying these approaches as well as the techniques that come with it increase.


E.Lindberg began his career as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools. Later he started studying business administration which led to the work in the business school, USBE, Umeå University. The position at USBE School has been combined with the Center for School Leadership which together with research ambitions inspired him for this book.
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