English-Christian and Arabic-Islamic Etiquette Teachings

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Februar 2015



This book covers a wide range of English-Christian and Arabic-Islamic teachings of Etiquette given in the Bible and Prophetic Hadiths respectively. It presents an in depth analysis of these teachings within the frame work of politeness theory. It aims at: 1. investigating the incorporation of politeness theory and the speech acts theory within the domain of etiquette teachings to find out the most recurring speech acts in performing the teachings of etiquette, 2. investigating the practices of social marking and politeness strategies used in each language to attain the ultimate goal of the etiquette teachings in the two different communities, 3. approaching politeness in Arabic through these teaching texts in an attempt to clarify some of the aspects of this phenomenon through the details covered such as greetings, maintenance of good interpersonal relations and the notion of face in Arabic Islamic culture and 4. investigating the different cultural impacts of both English and Arabic on the communities' perception and practice of these etiquette teachings.


Muhammed Badea Al-Samarra'i has got a PhD in English Language and Linguistics. He is currently an assistant professor at the English Department-College of Education-Tikrit University-Iraq. He has been teaching English for 23 years. His professional interests include politeness, discourse analysis and the relationship between language and society.
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