European Management Buyouts 1999-2003: Performance and Value Effects

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Comparing the value creation of European management buyouts to those done in North America, the following seven hypotheses are tested and concluded -- H1: The depreciation paid will decrease in pre-buyout years for firms undergoing and MBO; H2: The total assets of MBO firms will decrease in post-buyout years; H3: The debt of the MBO firm will increase significantly post-buyout; H4: Management buyout firms will observe a yearly decrease in post-buyout FCF; H5: A firm undergoing an MBO will have lower tax payments post-buyout; H6: Employee levels will decrease in MBO firms post-buyout; H7: Firm size, measured by revenue, for buyout companies will increase marginally post-buyout.


Daniel Kurylo has excelled in international business in the renewable energy industry. His business acumen and financial understanding have contributed to 3 major industry acquisitions, helping to define 2 major companies in the wind industry. He is currently an independent consultant, advising some of the top companies in renewables.
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